Deadshot offers welding craftmanship to Great Lakes Bay Region

2022-11-27 13:00:35 By : Ms. Sepna Wang

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Coleman resident Matt Craycraft, founder and owner of Deadshot Welding and Repair, works on a job. Cnc Machining Screws

Deadshot offers welding craftmanship to Great Lakes Bay Region

Matt Craycraft, of Coleman, owns Deadshot Welding and Repair. He started the business in 2020.

Matt Craycraft comes from a long line of craftsmen. Today, the 24-year-old Coleman man owns and operates his own welding business.

Deadshot Welding and Repair is located at 9505 N. East Isabella County Line Road, Coleman.

Deadshot provides metal welding and repair services throughout the central Michigan area, from Mount Pleasant and Lake to Gladwin and Freeland.

Craycraft started the business in June 2020 with his desire to be an entrepreneur, own a small business and be responsible for making his own money. The demand for welding side jobs and repair work in central Michigan was apparent because there are few other welding businesses and they typically only take on large projects.

“I saw the need for local farmers, dirt movers and general repairs,” Craycraft said.

Craycraft worked at Iron Workers Local 25 for two years before operating Deadshot in a full-time capacity. There were difficulties at first for the business, especially starting during the pandemic in 2020. Craycraft began the business in his dad’s woodshop before building a 10x12-foot shed on his dad’s property in Coleman.

Craycraft’s father, Tom Craycraft II, was a carpenter for 24 years and his grandfather, Tom Craycraft, was a building inspector down state for 15 years. Growing up in a family of woodworkers, Matt is recognized as the metal worker of the family.

Matt has upgraded to operating Deadshot’s business from a 48x100-foot workshop on Bob Moore’s property in Coleman. Moore is the owner of Michigan Metal Roofing and Siding in Coleman. Matt acknowledges the growing relationship he has with Moore in business and family as Matt has been dating Moore’s daughter, Jess, for over two years. Craycraft also shared that the shop cat, Momma Kitty, is an important part of his family and business.

Inspiration for the business came from Matt's love for welding and metal fabrication that began at a young age. He recalled when he was 8 years old he discovered a little welder in his dad’s shop and became fascinated with putting metal together. His first real project was welding pieces on his BMX bike.

Matt explained that while other metal operations incorporate a family name into the business title, he wanted something unique. “Deadshot” was a name that came from a business slogan: “If you give us a shot, we’ll never miss.” While the Deadshot name caught on instantly, the slogan hasn’t necessarily been needed for advertising. Matt is being recognized for the customer service that he provides. 

“I take care of everyone the same,” Matt stated.

Deadshot has completed projects for car washes, sawmills, Mennonites and the Family Farm & Home in Clare, to name a few. Matt specializes in cast aluminum repair work, CNC plasma cutting and making custom parts and fabrications.

A memorable Deadshot project is one that was done for no charge. Matt donated his time and the materials to make a washer stand for Midland’s Open Door in 2021.

“I heard what the women’s shelter needed help with and gave immediate assistance,” Matt said.

Deadshot Welding and Repair rates are set at an hourly charge with a two hour minimum; however, Matt will usually accept smaller, 15- to 20- minute jobs and provide reasonable rates. The business strives to serve customers that will continue to come back.

A popular metal project for Deadshot right now is making and selling outside wood boilers, or providing repairs to boilers so they can make it through the winter.

Outside of work, Matt considers himself a “gear head” and drag racer at heart. In his first competition, Coleman’s 2022 burnout, he won the runner-up trophy.

"I love going fast," Matt stated.

Deadshot offers welding craftmanship to Great Lakes Bay Region

Brass Turning Machined Parts To learn more about Deadshot Welding and Repair, visit their Facebook page, their website or call 989-207-0723.