Salfok Gold Price of IDR 2 Thousand in 1977, Netizens: If You Had a Time Machine -

2022-08-13 01:14:28 By : Mr. Barry Tu

23 carat and 24 carat gold are priced at Rp 2,050 and Rp 1,950 per gram, respectively.Rezza Dwi Rachmanta Friday, 01 April 2022 |14:48 - Gold is suitable as a long-term investment instrument.A gold price list in the 1970s succeeded in making netizens salfok.The National Library's official Facebook account shared a list of gold prices published by a newspaper in 1977. The price of gold on October 1, 1977 seemed to have increased between Rp. 25 to Rp. 50 per gram.The 22 carat gold jewelery looks to be priced at Rp. 1,950.Meanwhile, the 23 carat and 24 carat variants are priced at IDR 2,050 and IDR 1,950 per gram, respectively.Gold jewelry can be purchased at a price of IDR 2,175 per gram."The price of gold jewelry and gold bullion (level 0.999/09995) on the Jakarta market in early October on Saturday rose between Rp. 25, - to Rp. 50.-/gram compared to Friday. The market remains sluggish, the increase in prices is caused only for following the development of gold prices in foreign markets. Here are the gold prices," wrote the National Library's Facebook account.This is not the first time that the post of gold prices has been discussed by netizens.A Facebook user with an account named Will Man Black once shared a post on a 1970s gold purchase note via the INDONESIA TEMPOE DOELOE forum."Found receipts in the drawer of the 1974 gold bracelet. The price of 23 carat gold was around two thousand rupiah in the 70s. Anyone has a time machine, let's reminisce on a trip to the past and buy gold bracelets there," said Will Man Black.We can see a purchase receipt from a gold shop in Bandung, West Java in the 1970s.The owner of the note appears to have bought three 23-carat gold bracelets.The overall weight of the bracelet written is 16 grams.He bought the 16 gram gold bracelet for Rp. 35,000.Based on the memorandum, the price of gold per gram is around Rp. 2,200.Judging from the sites and OnlyGold, the price of gold per gram in the 1970s was indeed at Rp. 2 thousand.Based on records on Wikipedia, the price of the dollar in 1971 to 1978 was in the range of Rp. 415 to Rp. 625.If 1 oz is in the range of 167 to 200 US dollars, then the calculation per gram at that time did touch the figure of Rp. 2 thousand (in the 1970s).Posts of gold price lists in the 1970s provoked various comments from netizens."I wish I had a time machine (laughing emoticon)," wrote M**d Frid**al."In the era of Rp. 5, you can still use it for snacks," replied P**ra G**o."My father's salary is around Rp. 17 thousand," commented A**ika S**to."Saving gold doesn't make people richer, but it keeps rich people rich. Because the price of gold stays in line with inflation and is not subject to devaluation," said Fai**l Rah**n.That was the list of gold prices in the 1970s that made netizens salfok, what do you think?Copyright Hitekno © 2022. All Rights Reserved