Automatic Pizza Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)

Automatic pizza machine maker automatic(ZMC-309M)  NamePower supply model            External  size(mm)Weight(KG)Voltage(V)Power(KW)3 layers and 9 trays luxurious deck ovenwidthdepthheight ElectricZMC-309D 1710 1050 1850      800 

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Automatic pizza machine maker automatic(ZMC-309M)

 NamePower supply 
 External  size(mm)Weight(KG)Voltage(V)Power(KW)
3 layers and 9 trays luxurious deck ovenwidthdepthheight
 ElectricZMC-309D 1710 1050 1850      800    380    27
 GasZMC-309M1740 1000 1910      850    220    0.3

1) Heating tube is made of high class seamless steel tube, open-flame baking. With higher effective thermal efficiency, it can save more energy. The baking products have uniform color and a delicious taste.

2) Applied advanced pulse ignition and flame detection system with microcomputer control. It can be automatically switched off within 0.45s in case of ignition failure, accidental flameout or run out of gas etc. And combined aural and visual alarm to enhance security and reliability.

3) Each oven section can be individually controlled with separate settings of the top and bottom heat.

4) The front is using high class titanium stainless steel plate, luxurious appearance, more tenacious and corrosion resistance, maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.

5) The chamber is using the high quality steel plate to avoid thermal deformation during the long-time baking.

6) The main components are used of international brand which have more stable quality.

7) Using the instrumentation panel or microcomputer control panel.

8) Optional: strong steam function, stone plate etc.

Automatic Pizza Machine Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)

Automatic Pizza Machine Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)

Automatic Pizza Machine Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)
Automatic Pizza Machine Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)

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1) We are baking equipment manufacturer located in Guangzhou, China. Our products' quality and design are focus on the high-end market, we have our own independent research and development Dept. , we also have applied for some patents, own the intellectual property.
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Q:What's my consideration when I choose this machine?
A: -The size of your bakery or facotry.
    -The food you produce.
    -The power supply,voltage,power and capacity.
Q:Can I be a distributor of Zhengmai?
A: Of course you can.
Q:What are the benefits of being a Zhengmai distributor?
A: - Special discount .
    - Marketing protection.
    - Priority of launching new design.
    - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.
Q: How can I become a distributor of Zhengmai?
A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

Automatic Pizza Machine Maker Automatic (ZMC-309M)

automatic pizza machine maker automatic(ZMC-309M)




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