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Chinese steamed bun making stuffed momo maker forming machineIntroduction of steamed stuffed bun machine  a. Stainless steel material, electric, professional, automatic machine. b. used for making steam stuff bun with many kinds of filling, and size20-150g adjustable&com

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Chinese steamed bun making stuffed momo maker forming machine

Introduction of steamed stuffed bun machine
 a. Stainless steel material, electric, professional, automatic machine.
 b. used for making steam stuff bun with many kinds of filling, and size20-150g adjustable, with capacity of 3000pcs/h.
 c. The steamed bun machine, is highly automated, microcomputer control, fully human control panel, quicker response speed and higher steady precision.
 d.This machine is an ideal food machine for making the steamed stuffed bun. The shape of the products is round , and with some meat, vegetables and other materials inside of the bun, which is very tasty and nutrient. This machine has the function of kneading dough, and it is the double screw dough sending structure, which can reduce harm to gluten.This machine can control dough sending speed, stuffing sending speed, and forming speed.
 e,The machines are suitable for many places such as stuffed bun processing factory, guesthouse, hotel, school and factory canteen, restaurant, kindergarten, fast food store and quick-frozen stuffed bun manufacturers etc. The machine can process stuffed bun with meat stuffing, mixed stuffing of meat and vegetable.

 Features of Chinese steamed bun making stuffed momo maker forming machine

1.Scroll improved filling system,can make it stuffing more smoothly.Solve the food stuffing steamed buns machine walking instability problems.
2. Imported double frequency conversion control, flour, filling size adjustment freely, easy to use, the accuracy is high.
3.Reasonable design, compact structure, convenient to move, won't take up too much space.
4.High quality stainless and in line with the state food hygiene standards.
5.It can make 2400-3000 steamed buns in one hour,the steamed buns in weight of 20-180g,and you can adjust it at will according to your need.
6.The steamed buns make by it have the uniform size,smooth surface and neat patterns,they are nice than the steamed buns make by manual.
7.This machine can make small steamed buns,soup steamed buns,crystal steamed buns,vagetable steamed buns,meat steamed buns and so on.

Detail of chinese baozi momo making machine
TypeSingle hopperDouble hopperSingle hopperDouble hopper
Power 2.75kw3kw2.75kw3kw
Stuffed bun weight range15-150g15-150g40-200g40-200g
What is our Payment Terms?
Regular payment terms are T/T,Western Union,other payment terms can be negotiated.
What is the MOQ?
The MOQ is 1 piece.
What is the package terms?
Fumigation-free wooden cases.
What is the delivery Time?
For the regular equipment,the delivery will be made within 7 days.For the non-standard equipment and production line will be further negotiated with us.
What about the Warranty?
We gurantee the machine for one year,during the warranty year,if any of the parts broken (excluding the quick-wear part),we will replace the new one for you free charge.

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