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Dumpling samosa making machineMachine Parameters: TypeVoltagePowerSizeProductionDumpling weightMachine weightBG-80220V1.5KW660*435*770mm4800per/h8-25g120kgBG-100220V2.2KW940*480*1000mm6000per/h8-25g200kg  Dumpling parameters:TypePer/WeightQuantity/kgSizewonton6-8g124-16440x20(mm)dumpling8-10g100-12645x25(mm)dumpli

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Dumpling samosa making machine
Machine Parameters:
TypeVoltagePowerSizeProductionDumpling weightMachine weight
Dumpling parameters:
Regular dumpling15-20g50-6665x35(mm)
Fried dumpling28-35g30-3690x45(mm)
Spring rolls50-60g16-2060x32(mm)
Brief description:
1. The stainless steel dumpling machine can produce dumplings, Samosa, spring roll, wonton, and ravioli through changing the mould or machine head. 
2. The dumpling wrapper thickness and dumpling stuff both can be adjusted by this stainless steel dumpling machine. 
3. The contact surface between machine and dumpling & Samosa all adapt stainless steel material. The stainless steel dumpling machine has characteristics of anti-caking dumplings, low resistance, easy cleaning, etc.
4. 18 months warranty and life time service.
Moulds of stainless steel dumpling machine
If you need to use dumpling making machine to produce other stuff we mentioned. We can provide clients the simple moulds and the machine head moulding to choose, the difference are:
1. The simple mould is cheaper; the machine head moulding is little expensive.
2. The simple mould is a little complicated to change and install for the dumpling machine; the machine head moulding is easy to change and install for the dumpling machine.

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